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Jan. 14th, 2011 | 08:36 pm
posted by: 9tailedfox in leaf_village

I am (STILL!) looking for the BEST Naruto RP I have ever had in my entire life. To that end, I am willing to offer a "payment" to get it, namely, I will draw all matter of sweet fanarts of choice for the person that can provide.

Can I draw? I think you'll find that I can. (Plus this is my first Naruto fanart in forever and it is also full of non-worksafeness and girls.)

Someone who drives their own character to their own end, but can accommodate another along the way.

Someone who can play a small variety of difficult characters, but characterize them in interesting ways.

Someone who plays the "major" characters, but has a full love of the "minor" ones, too.

Someone who knows when IC is needed and when you need to fudge it just enough to keep the story going.

Someone with ideas. Preferably ideas that I didn't already come up with.

Someone who can accept all sexualities that can possibly occur and RP them fully if they come up.

Someone who neither strives for a happy, sad, romantic, or depressing ending, but who strives for the best possible story.

Someone who follows the rules of the Naruto world better than Kishimoto does. >_>

Someone with few limits, and I'm not talking about smut.

Someone who understands the importance of plot AND characterization, and doesn't favor one over the other in RP.

As for specifics:
--Someone who plays an amazing Sasuke as one of their mains. (I am a Naruto player, after all, though I'm not limited to him by any means.) If you also play the best Neji in the universe, we're so on.
--Someone who loves the politics of Naruto as much as the ninja work and the characters.
--Someone who wants to build more of the Naruto world on top of what is already there.
--Someone who doesn't mind injecting a little lotta common sense into RP.
--Someone with impeccable grammar and spelling, and who can write from long to short depending on the situation.
--Someone who doesn't mind playing around with other characters while the main ones are busy, or in other words, someone looking for a "whole package" of RP across the entire world of Naruto. (Except Akatsuki. I just can't get into doing Akatsuki-only RP too heavily for too long, though I will do my best.)
--Someone a minimum of 18 years of age. I'm old, respect the elderly!*
--Someone who RPs over IM.

It's a lot, but just imagine all that awesome stuff you've always wanted drawn and now can have for FREEEEEEEE~~~~~

PM me with an AIM name or something and I'll respond promptly!

*Seriously guys this is the least optional one on the list. If you're turning 18 in 3.14185 days, then contact me then and not a minute before.

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